Part 1: iPad – What it Is/Isn’t and What You Can Do with It

18 May

If you received an iPad on your campus or are considering purchasing one, you will want to learn about the capabilities of the device and uses for it in the classroom.

Table created with Exploratree. iPad image from Apple.

As technology changes at rapid speed, mobile devices are a standard, and children gather & interact with information in new and exciting ways, we must consider changing our pedagogy and how we deliver instruction to benefit the needs of our digital natives. In this 5 part iPad series, I hope to engage and inspire teachers to do just that. The Mumford & Sons song, Awake My Soul, says it better than I can, “Lend me your eyes, I can change what you see.”

The TCEA “Leading with the iPad” gives some great examples of how the iPad can be used in the classroom.

  • Load iPads with different eBooks (OverdriveGoogleProject Gutenberg, & Magic Catalog of Free Kindle Books are a good place to start) and ePubs and assign them to different groups (there are also lots of children’s and adult books/novels that can be found in the App Store). Check out “Load Your New iPad with E-Books Without Going to the iBookstore“. Check out a Vook (books with video embedded)!
  • Have students watch a preselected video or listen to a podcast and create a written response using a blog, wiki, or other Web 2.0 tool.
  • Use the iPad in conjunction with Google Docs to create a collaborative writing assignment or product.
  • Have students access news & periodicals online to foster research and writing activities.
  • Have students research and review apps and build a classroom list of approved apps (great for critical audiences).
  • Have students use the calendar as a class agenda or the contacts as a database (take or save images for authors, elements, campus officials, characters in a novel or play and add a name & description) and Bump them to build a class database.

How will the iPads change your pedagogy and classroom practices?

Here are some more thoughts on how to integrate the iPad from the kitchen of techchef4u:

Also check out “7 Reasons You Need an iPad in Your Classroom & 10 Ways to Use Them” & “56 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom.

How do/will you use the iPad in your classroom?


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4 responses to “Part 1: iPad – What it Is/Isn’t and What You Can Do with It

  1. Nancy

    June 3, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    I just ran down your list of how to integrate the iPad and for each entry, asked myself, ‘Could this be done on a computer?’ — and the answer was ‘Yes’. Since I’m in a cash-strapped district where the prospect of getting any number of iPads is zilch, it looks as if I will continue to create my lessons with desktops in mind. Since I do own an iPad, I will continue to monitor chatter regarding its use in the classroom. And perhaps hope that my district will be able to hop on the ‘next big thing’……..

    • lisajohnson2007

      June 3, 2011 at 7:58 pm

      That was my intention. I realize not every district will have funding for iPads so I write my lessons with that in mind. With the copious amount of Web 2.0 tools and interactives available, many (not all) of the apps will mimic what you can do on the computer. While it is not going to be quite the same experience, it is similar. For example: I modeled taught a photo prompt writing class using the Fotopedia and Life apps on the iPad. Both of these apps have websites. While the websites are not quite as user friendly, they do provide a similar experience.

  2. Serious Fun 21st Century Learning Community

    March 14, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Wondering if you can update the section of what the iPad cannot do, because it can now do most of what you say it cannot do!

    • lisajohnson2007

      March 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

      Yes, I need to. I wrote that particular series over a year ago. My how quickly times change.


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