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The Tree Doth Giveth

Hasn’t the tree given us enough? Go paperless on your next project!

It is that time of year when many schools are working on projects. Here are a few ways you can incorporate Web 2.0 tools in conjunction with the study of personification, simile, and metaphor. All of these tools focus on the tree as inspiration.

Big Huge Labs: Upload an image to create a magazine cover. Create a dialogue or poem to overlay on top of the image.

Tagxedo: Compose a poem and choose a color, theme, layout, shape etc… Tagxedo will give emphasis tow words (Tagxedo_instructions)

Pizap: Upload an image and add text and speech bubbles to it.

Images can be captured by students or taken from copyright free image sites like Pics4Learning & Morgue File.

While most of these sites do not require copyright attribution, it is always a good practice to do so. Since all of these sites do not auto-save or edit text, it is a good idea to write text in another program (Word, Pages, Text File) and copy & paste into tool.

All 3 sites have no required login and have the ability to easily save images as a jpeg for later use in another work.

Have students compose their poem on a word processor, create an accompanying image using one of the 3 Web 2.0 tools listed, and save it as a PDF. Compile the PDF’s to create a class poetry book using Flip Snack (see iPad Lesson section for example & instructions).

Ethemes offers a list of sites that provide lessons and interactives for writing similes & metaphorspersonification.

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Shakespeare Sonnets

Meet the Bard: I was asked to find some interactive sites for sonnet study and couldn’t stop there…

Here is an article I came across highlighting various blogs, news, and links in reference to Shakespearean Sonnets.

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Science Interactive Resources

Here are a few interactive sites I have gathered for Science:

Here are two Glogster Learning Stations I created for teachers to use in conjunction with interactive sites as a resource : Basics of the Periodic Table, Monkey Mayhem Periodic Table

©2011. Lisa Johnson. All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce for classroom use granted.


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Middle Ages Resources

I had a teacher ask for interactive and online resources for the Middle Ages so thought I would share:

Please share other interactive sites and resources for Middle Ages and History as you find them.
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Keyboarding Resources for Kids

Here are a few resources that I have put together for keyboarding practice and review.

  1. – older students could use this to test their wpm and even print a certificate plus it has a pacman game, bubbles underwater game, and get 4 free typing games (all of these resources are under “typing games” tab).
  2. – this site has cool typing games as well as well as 30 lessons (each introducing two keys) with goals – only issue it is overrun with ads.
  3. – I like this one a lot but it requires you to create a login – we could use the 30 day free trial for some of the younger ones and they could login in at home too…
  4. – this site is pretty basic but it has Qwerty and Dvorak and lessons to go with each – lessons and games are sequential – this might be really good for K.
  5. – this one might be good for your older students. It is a free download with warm-up games and then it will test speed and track personal result history.
  6. – I really like this one for the younger ones and we can get a 30-day free trial that could also be used at home. We could either use the free trial to get them warmed up or use it at the end of the course as a way to “test” them.
  7. – this one might be good to measure students – it is free (no download/no trial) – it deals with touch typing and will adjust to their skill level – might be good for quizzes.
  8. – I really like this one for all of the games but you have to watch out with all of the ads. Plus, the menu on the right side has multiple categories to offer typing assistance: typing tests, typing games, wpm tests, typing resources, play with your mind, and typing links. I would definitely suggest perusing all that this site has to offer.
NEISD suggests these 3 additional resources: BBC DanceMat, Nimble Fingers, and Keyboarding Practice
AlphaSmarts & Neos are not just for Keyboarding: check out these lessons for ideas on how to integrate this portable technology!

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Web 2.0 Resource Sites

Planning a project and want to spruce it up? Want to learn about all of the new Web 2.0 resources available? Check out some of these sites! Most of them will categorize the tool and give a description, provide samples/examples of the tool, and even suggestions for how it can be used in the classroom.

Here are some other great resources for interactive learning and projects:
If products do not print or give the option to save as an image, consider taking screenshots to record student work.
As a way to model technology integration, I try to incorporate
a relevant Web 2.0 tool in each of my blog entries.
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